Withhold ' clashof clans ' in Iran!

Iranians can no longer enjoy the game ' clash of clans ' the big famous game after today, the Iranian Government made a decision Tuesday to block out the famous strategy game played by 64% of the Iranian players through the year 2016, the BBC quoted ' BBC '.  The Iranian Justice Ministry recommended the prohibition application under prevent youth from the influence of the game ' with the Government's allegation that it encourages tribal wars, with a Government Commission encouraged the prohibition application or set limits on access, based on a report from psychologists saw that the game encourages violence and cause addiction among teenagers.

Game fan sites reported in Iran that many players started to address technical problems in accessing the game, although the Government's decision to withhold the game about specific age groups only players from within Iran stated that decisions affect everyone without exception.  Iran has a long history of fighting video games, for example, blocked the Iranian Government game ' Pokemon go ' because of fears of possible spying on the country and players to adopt the game on GPS ' GPS '.  The ' clash of clans 'is one of the most popular smartphones games since it's launch 2012, are developing the Finnish company ' SuperCell ' which was announced earlier this year that more than 100 million people playing the game daily.

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