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-First home device from Sony to rival the fifth generation of gaming! 

 Your Sony PlayStation Home first released Japanese market in 1994 and the following year in world markets with the beginning of the fifth generation of gaming challenge to two N64 Nintendo company walsga Saturn from Sega Corporation and two companies who were competing over turf war for control of the gaming market before Sony comes from afar and dominates the market with new machinery.

The fifth generation of video game consoles for the fifth-generation gaming

One of the reasons that helped Sony so much is new and historic Declaration machinery price him E3 Expo in 1995 as head of Sony Entertainment then Steve Race on stage to talk about the device but simply went up and announced the device price "299$" and is much cheaper price from direct rival Sega Saturn by $100 that your Nintendo never come to light before this year and helped launch the first PlayStation strongly to Western markets. 

– Video games are no longer the "idiots!" only!

  One of the things that was an obstacle towards the expansion of the market of video games, a calendar Nineties is the Outlook for the gaming market, it was no "nice" then to be video player but was most prominent gaming enthusiasts analogy being the Nerds or fools, freaks and rarely watch adult-oriented games or games from different public class and it proved himself so much with the size of the gaming market from generation 8 hardware bits to 16 bits with very large numbers.

General overview for fans of video games back then.

Sony realized it well, players grow old and you gotta grow up games with them, with the launch of a domestic company started to get new quality of games, games are no longer just for kids and a certain class but for everyone including adults and lovers of bloody action and other tastes this wide success is open to Sony & Sega Nintendo stuck under the old style of developing games for the new generation.

– Ken Kutaragi of Sony's new champion fired peninsula!

Ken Kutaragi is the person responsible for the video games Sony period negotiations between Nintendo and Sony to develop the terminal device or Play – Station "for my Super Nintendo and Nintendo then home is the same person who previously worked with Nintendo to sign a contract chip manufacturing domestic organ's sound Super Nintendo Sony production, recall that Play-Station name rights owned by Nintendo company currently, thrilled that Kutaragi was working in negotiations with Nintendo unbeknownst to company management" Sonny "herself! It nearly caused his expulsion from Sony but then company ceo Norio Ohga when people found inspiration for continued negotiations and cooperation between the two companies.

After the collapse of negotiations for the famous story among the parties I went to Sony to Sega Corporation to try to produce your video games in common and we were telling you that story events in another article, too, after all those ideas Sony decided to proceed by itself without the need of assistants to produce your own games and this actually happened and the result is the first PlayStation device without a "-" between the words Yes and PlayStation.

 The first home game device in history beyond the barrier of 100 million units sold!  For my Sony DV I "PlayStation" a lot of things that indicate success and huge popularity, and say that the device is the first gaming house history barrier 100 million units sold worldwide, 10 years do I need the device to access this number and mention that the beginning of the device was not fast at all but exploded in popularity with a lot of distinctive titles consecutively with his life.

102 million PlayStation shipped globally and is the last number that shared by Sony before formally machine manufacturing in 2005 after 11 years on the official launch but did not stop producing games for the device until the year 2006, with the release of the PlayStation 3! This device certainly achieved many successes to Sony and is one of the best games in history.

– Game library........... Amazing!

The first PlayStation did not provide him with just an amazing library of games, Sony was aware that they don't have their own titles as competitors Nintendo and Sega was therefore obliged "innovation" here it has given freedom to third party companies and contracted with other companies to support its exclusive addition to support development teams around the world to get this device games library is one of the best in history.

 Suffice it to say final fantasy 7 and resident evil wetikn as rush Bandicoot and Tomb Raider and a huge list of new titles which started between here and new parts that moved to the third dimension graphically and then revolution was for these chains, Sony has given full freedom to third party companies that have found a safe haven away from the control of Nintendo and Sega on the market and they also control the sales of games in addition to hardware and this reverse Sony plan dealing with third party companies the result was undeniably fantastic and gave us Device during his career game library that can't be forgotten.

– Small version PSone! 

 After 6 years of issuance of the first PlayStation, Sony wants markets to give the machine more spirit mini version of it in the year 2000, although my PlayStation 2 has been released by then but just imagine that mini version of PlayStation I was selling more hardware throughout the year! Nearly 30 million units of this version were sold globally before stopping production in 2005.

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