Crash Bandicoot celebrates 20 years, issued for the first time

Crash Bandicoot celebrates 20 years, issued for the first time

On this day twenty years ago, in September of 1989, and ninety-six, Crash Bandicoot platform game released for the first time on Sony Playstation gray in United States, to form the Foundation for breakthrough Studio Naughty Dog featured in output designer Jason Rubin, "with the help of his partner Andy Gavin.

The game development process began with a meeting between Jason Rubin, Andy Gavin, plus Mark Cerny, who was then working at Universal Publisher project, the choice fell on my PlayStation is missing to iconic character like Mario and Sonic plus optimism developers successfully reverse device competitors, launched one of the most successful gaming series, which became a symbol of their PlayStation computers for long period. In the game you can control bekrash bandikoon and jump barriers in addition to smashing crates to collect fruit.

The game had great success and got many parts after, parts two and three on the same machine load string into new dimensions by adding a lot of ideas, and saw the series attend many characters which was concerned such as Coco bandicoot and doctor neo cortex villain. The series also got the game raced with vehicles like Mario Kart under the name Crash Team Racing, is the one of the best games of this genre. Plus I got some other game series concerts resemble Mario themed Crash Bash.

Well, the best day of the series lived under the umbrella of the PlayStation gray, things have changed a lot after that to move the series from the Publisher and developer in a big flop and lose much of its power and popularity. Anyway, more than 50 million sold game of this series.

Twenty years passed at the start of the series for the first time, and still today associated with the players a lot of good memories, and no doubt that many are waiting for the future on PlayStation 4 parts first.

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