#StandWithLeslie and Obliterate Internet Trolls


I think there's a legitimate argument for removing one category of folks from the gene pool, because they spend the little time they are given on Earth making other folks' lives miserable. Back when I was playing MMOs, some twisted folks -- known as "griefers," would lie in wait to mug lower level characters and find creative ways to destroy the fun in a game, often eventually killing it.
Then came trolls, folks who drop into forums to attack other members, often driving people away from the forums and killing them. More recently, these folks have gone onto websites that allow comments to attack the authors, so that many sites have had to remove comment sections in order to protect their employees. That reduces engagement and eliminates much of the enjoyment associated with reading online.
One of the most horrible things I've ever witnessed in this regard is Gamergate, which started by pitting one of the rare women in tech against a bunch of -- you know, I don't have name bad enough for them -- who made her life, and the lives of most anyone who defended her, miserable because she dared to break up with an abusive boyfriend.
Now, there's Leslie Jones, a comedian, who has suffered brutal public attacks just for being herself. This has gone so far over the line that Homeland Security now is directly involved, suggesting her attackers are viewed as a threat against the State. The hashtag #StandWithLeslie is an aggressive call to action from those of us who are saying "enough."

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