Old video games are coming back to smartphones

Certainly, technology and graphics evolve every day to become more glamorous and exciting. But there are lots and lots of people who feel nostalgic for the old days of classic video games, these games are simple fees consist of a set of points.

After decades of such games and invading homes, now they come back to smartphones and tablet computer as old as is or with minor changes.

When the game ''space invaders'' featured in 1978, players are standing in long lines in front of video games clubs waiting to play this game.
The idea of this game is simple, it is that the Player waits for the bad guys coming from space to approaching the Earth and then shot. The task was not easy as it sounds because these ' bad guys ' were moving too fast.  Now you can get the authentic version of this game, for a Smartphone or Tablet PC for 5 euros ($ 5.6).

Either the snake game that spread with the advent of the mobile phone Nokia famous Finnish traditional produce, it goes back to before the era of Nokia phones itself, where this game released in 1979.

This game has returned to smartphones, for free, where can I get the game ''snake 97'' for devices that are running Android, or iOS devices.

From classic games that reappeared again, game ' PAC-man ' that appeared for the first time in 1980, was about a person who eats little dots in mazes and tries to stay away from Blinky webinki wainiki as lady who try to take him down.

And on it's 35 Birthday celebration, Namco Club developed a new version of the game ' PAC-man ', containing varying difficulty level 132 along with 3 styles of play, and does not increase the price of 5 euros.

Famous old time games, game ' titrz ' developed by Alexei bigtnov 1984, which did not achieve fame until five years after that date, with the introduction of a ' Gameboy ', which contains this game for free. This game is still available for almost all devices owned company ' Electronic Arts ', and can be obtained free for devices that are running the ' Android ', versus 2 euros for devices that work with any iOS.


  1. I had play all this game back when I was young.. Really nostalgic :D

    1. yes yes same i love the snake game 😊 🐍🐍🐍