2016 Olympics games in Rio De Janeiro

The 2016 Summer Olympics (Portuguese: Jogos Olímpicos de Verão de 2016), formally known as the Amusements of the XXXI Olympiad and ordinarily known as Rio 2016, is a noteworthy global multi-sport occasion in the custom of the Olympic Diversions as represented by the Universal Olympic Board of trustees, being held in Rio, Brazil. Opening rounds in specific occasions started on 3 August 2016 — two days before the opening function—and the Amusements is formally running from 5 August to 21 August 2016

More than 11,000 competitors from 206 National Olympic Boards of trustees (NOCs), including first time participants Kosovo and South Sudan, are bringing part. With 306 arrangements of decorations, the amusements highlights 28 Olympic games, including rugby sevens and golf, which were included by the Global Olympic Panel in 2009. These donning occasions are occurring at 33 venues in the host city and at five venues in the urban communities of São Paulo (Brazil's biggest city), Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Brasília (Brazil's capital), and Manaus. 

These are the principal Summer Olympic Amusements under the IOC administration of Thomas Bach.The host city of Rio was reported at the 121st IOC Session held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 2 October 2009. Rio turned into the main South American city to have the Late spring Olympics. These are the primary amusements to be held in a Portuguese-talking nation, the first to be held totally amid the winter (the 2000 recreations started on 15 September yet proceeded past the spring equinox), the first since 1968 to be held in Latin America, and the first since 2000 (and third in general) to be held in the Southern Hemisphere.

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