South Park Creators "Really, Really" Involved With Fractured But Whole

It's not always the case that the creators of a franchise are deeply involved with a game based on their work, but that's definitely true for the new South Park title. The creators of the satirical animated show, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, are very much part of the development process for this year's The Fractured But Whole.

"They're really, really involved," senior produce Jason Schroeder told thePlayStation Blog. "We have daily calls and I'm down there [at the South Park Digital Studios office] a few times a month just constantly trying to make sure that they're getting the comedy they want into the game and making sure that it all makes sense moment to moment."
Schroeder added that Stone and Parker are gamers, so "there's a really easy common language." He further explained that some of Stone and Parker's best comedy comes with deadlines and pressure hanging over their heads.

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